The New 2018 BMW 5-Series in Dubai from Steer Well Auto expands the sedan’s excellent lineup to includes BMW 520i M Sport, BMW 520i Exclusive, BMW 520i Exclusive Plus, BMW X1, X5, X6 & more models.

The 2018 BMW 5-Series is more than a  luxury sedan in Dubai it is a more like a status symbol.

Regardless of model, the 5-Series takes an evolutionary approach to styling compared to its predecessor. The new 5-Series has a sharper nose and more tapered profile along the sides.

The interior will be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s driven a 5-Series in the last decade, aside from the updated tech. The 5-Series can be trimmed in rich leather and increasingly expensive interior materials, although some combinations can be visually distracting. A sharp 8.8-inch LCD screen has been planted in front of the driver inside the instrument cluster, which resolves one of our biggest gripes about the lo-fi screen from the outgoing model.

A 10.2-inch touchscreen is perched atop the dash and becomes the nerve farm for all things 5-Series. Aside from the standard infotainment controls, the touchscreen serves as the hub for BMW’s push for connected-car technology, dubbed Connect+. The services range from trip notification to Microsoft Exchange calendar sync, to email and entertainment. It’s an ambitious push for the car company—one that we don’t yet understand—with an eye on the future for self-driving cars.

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