Thank you for looking into our vehicle listing website and you may have selected your vehicle or may have an idea to buy a vehicle from Steerwell Auto, UAE, you are at the right place to buy used commercial vehicles and cars and SUV, Steerwell auto is one of the leading commercial vehicle dealers in Sharjah and we have a huge stock of buses, trucks, pickups, luxury cars, brand new SUVs, used cars and SUVs

How to buy and import a vehicle from Dubai, UAE with Steer Well Auto?

If you are in UAE or planning to visit soon; you can visit any of our Steerwell auto showroom around UAE and our sales team will assist you to buy the vehicle and our expert shipping and export  team will assist you for your export procedures by preparing the document and passing papers for shipping,

If you want to import while you are in your home country, that can be any part of the world:

All you need to go to our website and find the stock number of the of the vehicle that you are planning to import and call to our sales team phone or WhatsApp us with our integrated WhatsApp button or even you can mail us.

One of our staff will call you to ask your export requirements, we will send the vehicle to 3rd party inspection checking center to get you the vehicle report if you want to check with a 3rd party vehicle inspectors, then we will send your official invoice with the bank details, you only have to pay the invoice and relax, we will do the export procedure and ship the vehicle to your destination port in the meantime we will send you the documents to clear the vehicle from your local authority via courier, you can drive away your vehicle from the port after your home countires customes procedure

How can I make the payment for my purchase?

You need to transfer the full payment to the vehicle including other charges if any via a bank transfer (wire transfer, TT or cash) to our company account or walk into any of our showrooms and deposit the money to our accounts department.

What are the documents required from me?

If you are buying under personal name we need the payment confirmation receipt and your passport scanned copy, if you are buying under a company’s name you need to provide your trade license copy and along with the payment conformation and the trade licensee copy of the shipping company if required.

What are the required documents for export ?

We will provide you with the export certificate / Vehicle clearance certificate (VCC) these are the usually required documents to export vehicle from UAE; if your shipping agent request any other documents we will provide them (with extra cost or free of charge depends on the document type)

Where is your showroom is located?

We have showrooms in all main cities in UAE, our main showroom is located in Souq Al Haraj, showroom number 53, Sharjah.

Our Abu Dhabi branch is located at Steerwell cars, Motor World Al Shamkha Abu  Dhabi and our Dubai branch are located at Showroom number 142, Dukahams,Al Aweer, Dubai.

How can i contact Steer Well Auto Showroom?

You can directly walk into our showroom and ask for the Sales team support. You can call our sales assistant to make an appointment to make it easy to be served on time.

Sharjah Showroom:

Bernard : +971 55 580 7343

Sharjah Commercial Showroom:

Jahangir – +971 55 580 8656

Abu Dhabi Showroom:

Bilaal: +971 55 580 7679

Dubai Showroom:

Akeel : +971 50 987 6542