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The ultimate passenger and commercial vehicle option in Dubai, Toyota Hiace

The Toyota Hiace van is the market leader in Dubai, UAE for years like any continues. the reason is to be a popular van in the commercial vehicle sector whether for employee’s transportation, labor transportation or cargo even used as school transport bus in some schools. there are many reasons for Toyota hiace in Dubai to be the most selling 15 seater vehicle. The engine of Toyota Hiace, a 2.7-litre four cylinder petrol engine, it is fuel efferent as well as easy maintenance comes with 5-speed manual and also 4-speed automatic option very rarely. it is the best choice 15 seater mini bus in Dubai

The HiAce is an important member of the Medium van segment but wildly known as minibus in Dubai, UAE  the available types of Hiace family van, crew van and minibus versions with it is own buy differences but the base specs and engine are common, options spans two wheelbases and two four-cylinder powerplants – a 2.7-litre petrol engines. Now with Euro 5 emissions compliance,

The Toyota Hiace is as much a part of the UAE’s commercial segment from worker transport to delivery purpose.
However, while the HiAce reigns supreme, its rule could be starting to wane. The fifth-generation HiAce has changed little since its introduction in 2005, while others have moved on.


Engine Capacity (liters) 2.7
Cylinders 4 Cylinder
Drive Type Front Wheel Drive
Fuel Tank Capacity (liters) 60
Fuel Economy (L/100 Km) 12.5
Fuel Type Gasoline
Horsepower (bhp) 141
Torque (Nm) 249
Transmission Manual
Top Speed (Km/h) 160 (limited to 100 In UAE)
Seating Capacity 15 Seater
Acceleration 0-100 Km/h (sec) 14.0 – 17.0
Available Toyota Hiace in Dubai
Toyota Hiace Hi Roof 15 Seater passenger bus
Toyota Hiace Mid Roof 15 Seater passenger bus
Toyota Hiace Standard Roof 12 Seater passenger bus
Toyota Hiace Panel Van Freezer Van
Toyota Hiace Panel Van Dry Delivery van
available 73 cars