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See great deals on vehicles that passed our rigorous 150+Point inspection
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Get Detailed quotation with shipping price and vehicle information with just a click
Get Quotation and information
Time Saving
Let us handle all the hassle and save your time and money
Time Saving

Get Detailed Look

We collect and show you all the details about the car up front. Each car we feature has high-resolutionphotos with 360, specs vehicle history and an attached photo if there`s any minior issue on exterior

Get Detailed Look
Get Detailed Look

150+Point inspection

Our professional Purchase team complete a 150+point inspection. They also carefully review service records, vehicle history report, and any other ownership details. This way, you `ll have peace of mind knowing the comprehensive health of the car before you buy

1.Vehicle history report (CARREPORT, Experian, etc.)

2.Vehicle history report (CARREPORT, Experian, etc.)

3.Vehicle history report (CARFAX, Experian, etc.)

4.Vehicle history report (CARFAX, Experian, etc.)

Competitive pricing, no haggling necessary
Competitive pricing
One click Quotations, With Shipping Cost

Click on Get quotation and we `ll generate quotation instantly for you with Port Shipping and vehicle details.

Don`t just save money, save time and save effort

Get updated with each details and track the process

We `ll process all necessary paperwork, including DMV forms, title, transfer and registration.

Let us handle the small print

We `ll process all necessary paperwork, including Vehicle Transfer, Loading, Shipping and registration.

Finacing with less frustration

We partner with excellent banks that offer competitive rates, or in ,many cases, SWA can work eith a bank of your choice. Apply online or get help from a live chat.

Customer Reviews
Kimy Chichioco
Kimy Chichioco reviewed Steer Well Auto

Bilal and Ali was very helpful. Got my car from them, reliable and prices are reasonable! 💯

Wael A Zaki
Wael A Zaki reviewed Steer Well Auto

It was great dealing with you, in particular Mr. Bilal in Abu Dhabi. What Bilal did was amazing, he is so efficient, helpful, knowledgeable with his field and cares a lot about his customers.

Jasim Farooq reviewed Steer Well Auto

User car dealer with variety of vehicles. Commercial as well as personal vehicles variety is available.

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Steer Well Auto is a UAE-based company that is transforming the peer-to-peer buying and selling of used cars into a technology-driven, hassle-free experience. Whether you are a buyer taking a test drive or a seller working with us, you’ll be helped through the steer well auto process in person by our friendly executives. We inspect every car we sell, putting it through a rigorous 150+ point mechanical inspection.We save you money, time, and the inevitable aggravation associated with buying or selling a used car. Find out more about us on our About page.

For those who need to keep moving, we're continuing to take orders as normal. We'll deliver your car to your door and, to ensure your safety, all handovers are conducted at a safe distance. Learn more about the steps we’re taking to keep everyone safe during this time.