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Our History

Founded in 1984 by Bahri Karam, Steer Well Auto has established itself as a pioneering dealer in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in a diverse range of pre-owned cars and trucks for both domestic and international sales, Including brand-new exports, as well as high-end and luxury vehicles.

Began in 1984

Originally launched as Bahri Cars, Steer Well Auto established itself as an innovative and visionary enterprise, proficient in identifying and fulfilling the evolving demands of the dynamic automotive market. This history reflects a journey of ongoing transformation and dedication to unwavering principles, prioritizing the satisfaction of customers, partners, and suppliers alike.

Originating as a small, local, used car dealership in Sharjah the company has flourished into a multi-division automotive entity with a vast and thriving customer base of more than 25,000 active buyers worldwide.

Steer Well Auto, a family-run enterprise, has been at the forefront of delivering an extensive selection of pre-owned cars and commercial vehicles for both domestic and international markets. Their profound passion for automobiles drives their commitment to providing exceptional quality and service.

Since its establishment in 1984, Steer Well Auto has embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and evolution. Over the years, they have accumulated valuable knowledge and experience, refining their business methods and enhancing their product presentation. In 1986, the company expanded its offerings to include high-end cars, a decision that contributed significantly to their expansion. By 1989, Steer Well Auto had achieved a global presence, exporting its automobiles to more than 150 nations. Driven by an unwavering commitment to progress and innovation, Steer Well Auto sought to capitalize on emerging opportunities within the automotive market.

Unwilling to settle the company took a strategic leap in 1994 and 1995, expanding its portfolio to include the commercial automobile segment.  This strategic move further solidified their reputation as a leading player in the automotive industry, catering to a diverse range of clients. This decisive action marked a significant milestone in their business journey, positioning them as a dominant force in the automotive industry. 

Through its entry into the commercial automobile market, Steer Well Auto showcased its adaptability and forward-thinking approach, astutely recognizing the growing demand for commercial vehicles on both local and international fronts. This strategic decision to diversify their offerings was firmly rooted in a profound understanding of evolving customer preferences and market dynamics. 

As a result of this well-executed expansion, Steer Well Auto extended its reach to a more diverse clientele, encompassing businesses, government entities, logistics companies, and others. Their extensive fleet of commercial vehicles, encompassing various types and sizes, effectively catered to the distinct needs of various industries, significantly bolstering the company’s appeal and competitive edge. 

Steer Well Auto’s unwavering commitment to excellence has fueled their remarkable growth and success over the years. Their dedication to delivering outstanding service and top-notch vehicles to customers worldwide remains at the core of their business ethos. By fostering enduring relationships and exceeding expectations, they have earned customer loyalty and trust. As they continue to evolve and redefine automotive excellence, Steer Well Auto remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of customer service, professionalism, and integrity.