"Tax free vehicles since 1984. Lowest price guaranteed."

"Tax free vehicles since 1984. Lowest price guaranteed."

UAE National day


We at Steerwell Auto are proud to reflect on our journey as a leading automotive car dealership contributing to the nation’s growth. Established with a vision to drive dreams and fuel prosperity, Steerwell Auto has played a pivotal role in exporting vehicles globally while dealing in premium vehicles locally, showcasing our commitment to the economic development of the United Arab Emirates.

Celebrating Unity and Progress

The UAE National Day is not just a day of celebration but a moment to commemorate the unity and progress that defines this remarkable nation. Steerwell Auto aligns itself with these core values, actively participating in the country’s economic advancement through the automotive sector. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to quality have allowed us to contribute to the growth of the nation, both locally and on the global stage.

Global Reach, Local Impact

One of the hallmarks of Steerwell Auto is our ability to transcend borders. As a key player in the automotive industry, we take pride in exporting vehicles worldwide, showcasing the excellence and craftsmanship synonymous with the UAE. By extending our reach globally, we not only promote the country’s automotive prowess but also contribute to the growth of the national economy through international trade and commerce.

Nurturing Local Talent and Expertise

At the heart of our success lies our dedication to nurturing local talent and expertise. Steerwell Auto has actively invested in training and empowering individuals from within the UAE, fostering a skilled workforce that adds value to the automotive industry. By doing so, we not only contribute to the country’s economic growth but also play a role in building a sustainable and prosperous future for the nation.

Showcasing Premium Vehicles, Upholding Excellence

As a dealership specializing in premium vehicles, Steerwell Auto is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and luxury. By offering a diverse range of top-tier vehicles, we contribute to the elevation of the automotive market in the UAE. Our dedication to excellence aligns with the nation’s vision for innovation and progress, positioning Steerwell Auto as a driving force behind the growth of the luxury automotive segment.

On this UAE National Day, Steerwell Auto proudly stands as a symbol of the nation’s automotive excellence and economic prosperity. We celebrate the achievements of the UAE and reaffirm our commitment to driving dreams, fueling prosperity, and contributing to the ongoing success story of this remarkable nation. As we reflect on our journey, we look forward to continuing our role in shaping the future of the UAE’s automotive landscape and contributing to the growth and success of our beloved nation.


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